Four Questions To Ask When Considering Adoption

Making the choice to put your baby up for adoption is one of the most difficult decisions you could make. For this reason, there is a lot to think about before you decide whether or not adoption is right for you. Here are the four most important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are You Being Forced to Give Your Baby up for Adoption? If you are being pressured into giving your baby up for adoption, you need to realize whether or not it's a choice you are making too or if you are letting your family or other outside source making that choice for you. The best thing to do would be to take a step back and give yourself at least a couple of days to figure it out. 
  2. What Kind of Adoption do You Want? When it comes to adoption, you basically have two options, which would be to either have a closed or open adoption. If you choose a closed adoption, the agreement is that you would have no contact with the adopted child until he or she made that decision once they have come of age. An open adoption, on the other hand would allow open visitations with the adopted child. However, you need to keep in mind that these visitations are generally limited to only once per year if not less. If you are wanting more than that, then chances are you just might want to be a parent to the child and not choose adoption. 
  3. Are You Still Unsure After You've Found the Family? Generally, when someone has found a family for their child, they become content with their decision. However, if you've found it to be the opposite, then you either haven't chosen the right family or you simply aren't sure that adoption is completely the right choice yet. The best thing to do would be to talk with your adoption agent and even go ahead and meet the family and get to know them better. This might help you start to feel more comfortable with them and more confident in your decision. 
  4. Do You Feel Happy About Helping Another Couple? One reason people are more confident in their decision for adoption is because it helps another family have a baby if they were perhaps having trouble having their own. This definitely brings a sense of comfort to the decision.

When you answer these four questions, you can be more clear headed about the choice you are making. If you are having trouble, go over these things with an adoption agent. Your adoption agent is there to provide you with tips and advice, not to pressure you into adoption, so keep that in mind. Contact an agency, like A Child's Dream, for more help.

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